APR Bodyworks muscle car restorations           

American car restoration and other classic car restorations

  • Undertaking an American car restoration back to period-correct condition presents unique challenges.
  • Whether you’re restoring a classic Mopar to a Mini, these projects often require reversing many years of below average repairs.
  • Likewise, with some classic cars, parts can be difficult to find or are no longer available.
  • Fortunately, APR Bodyworks has the experience and resources necessary to restore your classic back to show quality condition.
  • In order to uncover all potential problem areas, we start with a complete disassembly of the vehicle during the restoration process when necessary.
  • Through our extensive list of suppliers, APR Bodyworks can track down hard-to-find parts. 

 Full American car restoration
and other muscle car restorations

A full restoration involves:


  • Disassemble and catalog every piece on vehicle
  • Media blast and restore Chassis (optional)
  • Media blast or mechanically strip vehicle back to clean metal.
  • Metal repairs of all rust
  • Completely smooth out body of all ripples and dents.
  • Full body jig/chassis alignment facilities available. 


  • Etch, prime and seal vehicle after stripping
  • High build primer after body work
  • Block sand entire vehicle
  • Paint and clear coat vehicle includes all door shut’s, under bonnet and boot lid
  • Under seal vehicle

Part American car restoration
and other muscle car restorations

A partial American car restoration or other muscle car restorations, is an excellent approach for customers who heavily drive their vehicles but do not participate in shows. 

This restoration process involves a variety of options:

  • Restore only body panels which need work, say damaged wing etc…..
  • Re-paint repaired panel or panels.
  • Match NEW paint work with cars original paint work.
  • Repair or replace damaged trim etc.
  • Finally, carry out a Full valet.

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